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Friday, September 19, 2003

ana shuft elyom inno aja Hada lablogi uhuwe yefattish `a blog bil`arabi. wallahi ana mitassef ktir laaken maa `indi imkaaniyye aktob halblog bil`arabi. laaken iza biddak titkaateb, ahlan usahlan, `unwaani mitbayyen `aHashiyet ish-shaashe.

shuuf esh la'eet halla': blogi bilarabi!

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Hey, I know it's just a gripe, but if I read one more report that the Arabs shout "itbah al-yahud" I'll just scream.

No Arab has ever shouted "itbah al-yahud" unless they were particularly hungry.
Because "itbah al-yahud" means "cook the Jews".

What the Arab rioters should it "idbach al-yahuud" or sometimes "idhbach al-yahuud". The first consonant is pronounced like English "d" or like English "th" in "this". The "-ch" is pronounced like the "-ch" in the name of the composer Bach. Try it at home: id-bach, or idh-bach. Not itbah. Never ever itbah.

Somebody should tell the Israeli Foreign Ministry this, and soon.

Update: The Israeli Foreign Ministry must read The Frog. The passage on their website has now been corrected.

Monday, September 15, 2003

The first official briefing on the investigation into the status of the Baghdad Archaeological Museum during and after the Iraqi conflict has now been published (here). It makes fascinating reading. The reports of widescale losses and destruction were exaggerated. The precious manuscripts were not all destroyed.

There was destruction and looting, but to was not as bad as the media made out. Moreover, when items were returned to the US forces, they were often done so on condition that they would not be allowed into the hands of the museum staff, who were regarded as being faithful to the Ba'athist regime...


Well, I'm sorry to jump on the blogwagon, but thanks to Imshin, Solomonia, and most of all to Andrew Lipson for the magical highpoint of my day. You MUST see Lipson's work.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Powell says Israeli could set off rage among Muslims everywhere by eliminating Arafat , The Associated Press reports. Unlike the Israelis who are laughing and smiling at what Arafat's doing. Nor would America ever presume to do something so criminal as to attempt to expel or kill a brutal Middle-Eastern dictator.