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Friday, April 25, 2003

Unlike far-left British MP George Galloway, I'm a Marxist. I'm perfectly willing to believe that people's actions are governed by their own materialistic interests. OK, so sometimes it's hard to see the logic: for example, I still can't quite work out why Yaser Arafat chose to bankrupt the Palestinians when their economic success would have made him and his cronies rich men, after they stole all the profitable Palestinian businesses from locals on their "return" from Tunis. But maybe Arafat's financial status it actually benefitted by war (he can claim to be the innocent victim and the Arab world and Europe for more money), so the Marxist reading would still stand.

Now let's look at the Iraqi war. We can assume for the sake of argument that George W. Bush and his Texan friends are keen to get their hands upon Iraq's oil wealth. That would explain why they were so keen to go to war and overthrow Saddam. But what about the anti-war lobby? Why would a far-left socialist like George Galloway join forces with a Conservative-Party supporting capitalist like Burhan al-Chalabi to oppose the overthrow of Iraq's dictator, going so far as to heap praises upon the Butcher of Baghdad as a hero? My Marxist paradigm allows me only one explanation: materialistic interest. Oh, and what a surprise, Mr. Galloway has been accused by Britain's Daily Telegraph of having just such interests.

Marx was a wise old bird.