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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Ha'aretz reports today that most of the drafting of the so-called Geneva proposals took place in London under the helpful eye of Tony Blair. According to Ha'aretz, "Palestinians sources said that the meeting was mediated by Lord Michael Levy, Blair's envoy to the Middle East".

What Ha'aretz fails to mention is that Lord Levy's son, Daniel (pictured here) has long been Beilin's poodle. Moreover, Daniel Levy has been an active part in Beilin's activities for several months. For example, his name appears on the protocols of the Japanese stage of the negotiations as "Mr. Daniel Levy, Advisor to the former Minister of Justice" (see here).

Nor is this the first time that the Israeli left have attempted to use their insider dealings with 10 Downing Street to further their causes. Prior to the last election, in a blatant example of interference in Israel's internal political affairs, the British government started spreading a rumour that they were to withhold military supplies to Israel, only to reverse the decision (which in fact had never been taken) after opposition leader Mitznah visited Blair. At the same time, Blair refused to meet with Israeli Foreign Minister Netanyahu.

It seems that under Levy's wise guidance, no doubt influenced by his son's close relationship with Beilin, the British government maintains its preference for dealing with non-electable losers than the democratically elected government.

O for the days of the Raj!

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