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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Hey, I know it's just a gripe, but if I read one more report that the Arabs shout "itbah al-yahud" I'll just scream.

No Arab has ever shouted "itbah al-yahud" unless they were particularly hungry.
Because "itbah al-yahud" means "cook the Jews".

What the Arab rioters should it "idbach al-yahuud" or sometimes "idhbach al-yahuud". The first consonant is pronounced like English "d" or like English "th" in "this". The "-ch" is pronounced like the "-ch" in the name of the composer Bach. Try it at home: id-bach, or idh-bach. Not itbah. Never ever itbah.

Somebody should tell the Israeli Foreign Ministry this, and soon.

Update: The Israeli Foreign Ministry must read The Frog. The passage on their website has now been corrected.

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