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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

It's true - I was called before the Hutton Enquiry. Lord Hutton was particulary interested in hearing the Froggy perspective on the whole darned Iraqi dossier business. I of course told him that frogs all around the world were concerned at the prospect of Saddam Hussein's getting hold of nuclear weapons, especially after seeing what he did to the marshes. That green and pleasant land now so blighted.

I assume my testimony will soon be posted on Hutton's website, the Lord's very own blog where he shares with the general public what he's been doing.

"Got up this morning and donned my wig and went off to the lawcourts. Hours of boring testimony from a bunch of puffed up politicians and journalists. I'd like to shut down the BBC and the government with it. What a load of bollocks!"

Or words to that effect.

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