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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Two newspaper reports on the bombing of Mike's Place, based on one report by the Israeli security services. Guess which is taken from Ha'aretz and which from the Jerusalem Pest:

The two entered the Gaza Strip via the Erez crossing together with the Italian journalist and a number of other Italian reporters which security officials said assisted the two in failing to arouse suspicion. During their time in the Gaza Strip, the group visited Rafah, Khan Yunis and met with members of different pro Palestinian organizations who work in the area.

The Italians returned to Jerusalem and only after the attack did they realise that the British citizens they met were the terrorists who they spent time with.

Despite this they failed to alert security officials and inform them of the matter. Shin Bet officials noted that even after details of the two British subjects were released to the public none of the people they met with whether Palestinian or foreigners alerted officials and only admitted to having met the two after they had been tracked down and detained for questioning by the Shin Bet and Israel Police.

And now:

The biggest problem they faced was how to cross from Gaza back into Israel once they were ready to carry out the attack. They solved this problem with the aid of an Italian journalist, who offered them a ride through the checkpoint in her car together with some other Italian journalists.


The Italian journalist was interrogated by the police and the Shin Bet security service, but apparently had no idea that the two were terrorists. She has since left the country. The left-wing activists with whom Sharif and Hanif spent time in Gaza have also been interrogated, and some have been deported. But they also appear to have been unaware that the two were terrorists.

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