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Monday, June 02, 2003

Did you know that 100 people, including 20 babies, were massacred in the Congo? Well, if you read the BBC, the answer is probably not, because the story was hidden away on its Africa page. It didn't even merit being the leading African headline. The Arabic-language Al-Jazeera at least had the decency (!) to list it as the top African story. The BBC have decided that the Queen's coronation anniversary is more important news than the massacre of 100 civilians.

The BBC reports:

"What annoys me and frustrates some of us is that all this is happening after we forewarned the United Nations through Monuc (the UN military mission in DRC) that this situation was volatile and needed careful handling," Brigadier Kaihura told AFP.

"But they thought that we were just manipulating the situation and they kept their mindset and pressurised us to leave without adequate arrangement for security of these people."

Of course, the significance of this is that the UN was responsible for preventing a war crime. Perhaps the Beglians will put Kofi Annan on trial?

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