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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Disgraced British MP George "375,000 per annum" Galloway has found some unfortunate supporters to back his cause. According to this item in the strange journal, Inquisitor Online,

A political loner, Galloway has nevertheless received support form some credible sources. Tam Dalyell, the widely respected Father of Britain's House of Commons - the title conferred on the country's longest-serving parliamentarian - told The Inquisitor: "I travelled to Baghdad in 1994 with George Galloway and Tim Llewellyn, the veteran Middle-East Correspondent of the BBC. We were all appalled at the results of (UN economic) sanctions, in particular the shortage of medicines at the children's hospital in Baghdad and at the hospital at Um Quasr. From that moment George has honourably campaigned for a different approach to Iraq. Both Tim Llewellyn and I are agreed that he behaved absolutely properly on that visit."

Would this be Tam "Jewish Conspiracy" Dalyell, spreader of the message of tolerance and fraternity amongst the nations of the world (except for those plotting yids)? Oh well, at least Galloway can rely on support from child-molester Scott Ritter. How very convenient.

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