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Thursday, May 01, 2003

Ok, so this Frog hasn't been blogging much recently. That doesn't mean that I haven't been reading. I missed blogging Al-Jazeera's wonderful report on the anti-aggression conference by Muslim leaders - it condemned Israel, America, Britain and all the usual suspects, but accidentally forgot to mention Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and Yaser Arafat.

The US is offering the Israel and the Palestinians a road map (I already have one that I bought in the local bookshop), and Terje "Jenin Massacre" Larsen is already telling the Reuters "Not one comma, not one word will be changed. This is the basis of what we are going to do." Excuse me, but who asked you, Mr Irrelevant.

On the subject of Mr Irrelevant, Larsen's boss Kofi Annan is rearing his nuclear war-head again, once again trying to reap the benefits of the war he did not fight. And again the question is posed, who asked you?

Meanwhile, back in Old Europe, the Axis of Evil have been back at work again, trying to create a super-Army to protect their oil-rights in the dictatorial world. It's oil-right for them to do it, it seems. Now Germany, France, Belgium and Luxumbourg want to create an army so that they can do what they condemn the Americans for doing.

They're condemning the US and Britain for trying to create a "one polar" world. Quite right: I think that only an immediate supply of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons to Al-Qa'ida can redress the balance. Perhaps Syria, a member of the UN security council, could propose that measure. The French, it seems, are still seething at the fall of their old buddy Saddam.

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