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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I have now read the entire article cited in my previous entry. It also includes the following statement:

"For his part, Musa considered the Israeli occupation to be responsible for the continuing violence, noting that it was illogical that it should continue its operations against the members of the Palestinian people and should expect that the Palestinian factions will stay still [or "stand"] without responding". The article speaks of the internal Palestinian needs to reach an agreement between the Palestinian factions for a one-year ceasefire.

The second section of the article reports Terye Larsen's claim to the UN that Israel is preventing the UN's relief work, following the Israeli decision to close the Erez checkpoint. Naturally, the article does not report that this decision came after Israel staff at the checkpoint were murdered by an Arab terrorist.

The final section of the article is entitled "Israeli Escalation", and talks of the latest Israeli military operations, and the high alert following the attacks. Finally, the article cites the condemnations of Arafat and Bush, and mentions that Sharon postponed his visit to Washington but will meet again with Abu Mazen.

Overall, the article represents an Arab "spin" to yesterday's events. Terrorist attacks are described using the positive term fadaa'iin, the emphasis is placed on Palestinian suffering (nothing on the victims of the attacks), the Israeli policies are described as an obstacle to the Palestinians' attempts to avoiding civil war amongst themselves, Larsen's comments are cited in detail, and, at the end, a few desultory details are thrown in under the headline "Israeli escalation", even though the details make it clear that it is the Palestinians who have escalated the violence.

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