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Monday, May 26, 2003

There has been a remarkable lack of comment about the Road Map from the Israeli Israbloggers - more from those living abroad. It think that most people here suspect the thing will never get off the ground. Attached to the Israeli government's approval was a proviso that the terror must first stop. Since it is unlikely that Abu Mazen will succeed in stopping it, it is unlikely that the road map will be implemented.

The most depressing thing about the whole thing is that we've been through this film before. We heard promises of a better future during the Olso period, and it only led to disaster. Of course, this didn't stop the self-righteous arrogant and patronising Avram "Son-of" Burg from condescending to the Israeli government and public again (the Labour party you say... ? Hmm, rings a bell, but no, remind me again). Urgh, give me Ahmed Tibbi any day. I suspect that Burg reads Ha'aretz.

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