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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

The Guardian runs a wonderful spin on missing murderer British bomber, Omar Khan Sharif, whose body was washed up recently on the Tel Aviv beach. Apart from casting doubt on what Israeli minister Mofaz says, and citing local nutters' views that Sharif was murdered by the Israeli intelligence services, the article also includes some wonderfully objective reporting such as:

The two men headed for Gaza. The army and immigration service control the single border crossing into what many of its residents consider the world's largest detention camp. But, again, neither man raised suspicion. There are not many real tourists to Gaza these days but most foreigners who enter the strip claim to be just that, whether they are aid workers or peace activists. Sharif and Hanif are now known to have met Hamas militants.

How about "The army and immigration service control the single border crossing into what many people with a semblance of humanity regard as being the world's centre of barbarous fundamentalist incidement and sadism"?

They also went along to a meeting of the International Solidarity Movement, a peaceful protest group against the occupation. The two called themselves "alternative tourists" and gave no hint of their real mission, but the ISM has paid the price of the fleeting association and is now effectively a banned organisation.

"Peaceful protest group"; excuse me while I split my sides laughing. "The ISM has paid the price of the fleeting association"; no, they've paid the price of harbouring terrorists and criminals, and effectively participating in the Palestinians' terror war.

While the confirmation of Sharif's death was met with approval and relief among Israelis,

Well, you know those bloodthirsty Israelis,

in Derby there was shock and sadness. Councillor Abdul Rehman, who knew Sharif's father Mohammed, a successful entrepreneur, said: "I am really shocked. This is terrible news for his family and his two young children. It's sad news for the local community."

Yes, what a tragedy that he didn't manage to complete his mission. And such an upstanding member of the community!

But the London-based Islamist group, Al-Muhajiroun, yesterday continued to parade Sharif as a role model for would-be British suicide bombers. Last night Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, leader of Al-Muhajiroun, was travelling to Derby o host an Islamic seminar. The cleric, who said both men had come to him for Islamic instruction, claimed Sharif remained a role model for "martyrs".

"The fact that he took this step towards paradise makes him an example for many Muslims, to consider how somebody could think seriously about life and the meaning of life, and sacrifice his life for the sake of God."

Omar Abdullah, the Al-Muhajiroun spokesman in Derby, said many Muslims believed Sharif may have been killed by the Israeli security services. "People are unsure how he could have ended up drowned and many have speculated whether he may have been captured, tortured or even killed by the Israeli security services. To die through drowning is still an act of martyrdom, we believe," he said.

Ah yes, at least his children can sleep peacefully at night knowing their father's boffing his seventy virgins.

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