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Thursday, May 22, 2003

Al-Jazeera's website regularly carries "spot polls" of its readers' opinions. Today's asks the question, "What is the most suitable way of dealing with the Al-Qa'ida Organisation?". So far, 22953 people have responded, of which 17.9% support a "security response", 67.9% support "the opening of a dialogue", and 14.2% responded "don't know".

One wonders what kind of a dialogue Ali J's readers are thinking of. "Listen, Osama, do you really believe all that stuff about jihad and killing the infidel and spreading the word of the Prophet (Salla allahu `alayhi wasalama) etc? Maybe you'd be willing to settle for just killing Jews and leave the rest of us in peace." Who knows, maybe he really can be appeased in this way? Ali J's readers obviously think so.

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