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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Thanks to Ha'aretz's Danny Rubinstein, we now learn that the racist Palestinian extremist cartoonist, Ummiya Joha, was married to Hamas military leader, Rami Hadar Sa'ad, who was killed in Gaza last week by Israeli forces.

The reason this is significant is that Joha and her work have been mentioned widely in the press as representing a free and critical view of the Arab world. This Israel-Palestinian report on Palestinian censorship thanks her as a source. (The hosting site is Tel Aviv University.) Even this report, which mentions her extremist views, does not mention her direct connection with the murderous Hamas organisation.

Juha's work is superb. Beautifully executed, it achieves exactly what it aims to do. It portrays the Palestinians as helpless victims who've been sold down the river by the Arab nations, and Israelis as blood-thirsty, murderous beasts. However, it now becomes clear that Juha, with her inciting pen, did not only incite murder: she actively supported it.

When the tractors come to knock down her home, they should take her studio with it - in memory of those innocent people she murdered.

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