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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Various passover songs from Jewish communities around the world are available here. I would particularly recommend listening to this Yemenite rendition of Echad Mi Yodea.

A few notes on the pronunciation: the Het and Ayin are pronounced as pharyngeals (as in Arabic), and Sade as a pharyngealised S (note particularly the word /bo'oraS/, "on the earth"). The segol is pronounced like the pataH, i.e. /a/, and the qamas is pronounced, as in the Ashkenazi tradition, as /o/. An unusual feature of the reading tradition of several cities Yeminite regions is the pronunciation of the Holam vowel /e/ (as the Sere). Finally, note that all the BGDKPT letters have a plosive and spiranted pronunciation i.e. /b/, /g/, /d/, /k/, /p/, /t/, vs. /v/, /gh/ [no English equivalent; like voiced version of /ch/ in 'loch]', /th/ [voiced as in 'this'], /ch/ ['loch'], /f/, /th/ [unvoiced as in 'think'].

For those people entering this blog to read about the war in Iraq: there's more to life than war, and there's more to the family of semitic languages than Arabic.

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