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Sunday, April 06, 2003

I have found yet another example of different reporting in Al-Bawaba's Arabic and English versions of the same issue. The article discusses Iraqi Opposition Leader Ahmed Chalabi's relationship with Jews and Israel. I read the piece a few days ago in Arabic, and have now found that it appears in a rather poor English translation. (It was clearly written in Arabic, and it is also clear that the translator was not sure how to render certain Arabic expressions into English.)

I have not yet had an opportunity to study the differences in detail, but what is immediately obvious is that the final line has been changed. In the original version, the article ends by stating that Israel has been the main beneficiary of this US attack, by allowing the US to redraw the map of the entire region to end the Arab-Israel conflict. However, in the English version the following line has been added: "As usual, the Arabs will pay the price ...". This line is not in the Arabic version. One can only conclude that it is aimed at the non-Arabic reading market, and intended to cast the Arabic world in the light of the eternal victims, a role much loved by pro-Arab propagandists.

I shall compare the two version in greater detail on my way to work and post more on them later in the day.

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