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Friday, April 11, 2003

I'm pleased to see that Pakistan's The Daily Times and I are in agreement about the disasterous behaviour of the UN during the entire Iraqi crisis, and particularly the role played in that crisis by Secretary General Kofi Annan.

Annan's embarrassing performances over the last few days have left him on a par only with Muhammed Said As-Sahaaf, former Iraqi Minister of Information, now of whereabouts unknown. Without any expression of shame or regret, Annan dares to appear before the international community and repeat his former mantras as though nothing has changed. The morally and politically corrupt and bankrupt organisation that he heads has become the laughing stock of the free world, but Annan continues to act as though he represents the voice of reason and freedom, and enjoys any legitimacy whatsoever.

Go home, Kofi, there's a good man. Go and write your memoirs, so we can all have a good giggle.

No doubt you will describe how you brought peace in Europe, saved Africa from starvation, stood up for the rights of oppressed peoples around the world, and spread freedom and democracy in the four corners of the earth.

We'll probably read about your difficult dealings with obstinate states like the US and Israel, the last bastions of reactionary colonialism in the world.

You may even find room to mention some of the internal reforms you managed to achieve within the UN, such as the obliteration of corruption and the directing of resources to truly deserving causes.

In any case, Kofi, I think you should make those memoirs lengthy and comprehensive. You know, the kind of project that will take up all your time and barely allow you time to leave your writing desk. I'm sure we'd all benefit greatly.

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