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Monday, April 14, 2003

Serious questions are going to have to be asked about George Michael's anti-American and anti-war rhetoric following recent discoveries in the compound of an Iraqi secret police station, reported in today's Sydney Morning Herald:

"It was home to the secret police and Iraqi military intelligence and every time an Iraqi comes within distance they feel sick," said Adba Alz of the Free Iraq Forces (FIF).

He said prisoners had their fingernails pulled. The exposed skin was then attached to the electrical wires. Others were regularly tied and hung upside down then beaten. Some were executed slowly in acid baths. Inmates were forced to sit on bottles with the stem inserted.

"The secret police could find a use for any implement imaginable to torture a victim," Mr Alz, one of more than 700 FIF expatriate Iraqis from the United States, said. [...]

Outside the prison and within the headquarters confines a much more comfortable lifestyle existed for Saddam's favoured few.

There are six - seven storey - apartment blocks, manicured lawns, fountains, movie theatre, a hospital, barber shops, tennis and squash courts, hot tubs and a main frame computer room.

Most are in ruins.

But the apartments are still filled with the personal paraphernalia of the feared secret police. Their pin-up icons include Hollywood actors Harrison Ford and Sharon Stone, along with the British pop star George Michael.

So now it's official: George Michael, Iraqi Torturers' Favourite.

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