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Monday, March 24, 2003

The Iraqis are boasting that they have killed 25 American servicemen and woman. Several more soldiers have been killed in military accidents and "friendly fire" incidents.

While of course every loss is a matter of tremendous grief, and will chance the lives of the victims families forever, we must keep these figures in some kind of perspective.

On September 11th a year and a half ago, some 3000 US civilians were murdered in a single day. Israel, a frequent victim of terror that deliberately targets civilians, has known several attacks in which more than 20 people have been killed. Many of these are often children.

It is estimated that during the first few days of the Normany (D-Day) Landings, some 16,000 servicemen were killed.

Saddam Hussein's regime is thought to have caused the deaths of a million people, and four million Iraqis have been driven into exile.

The best answer to the Iraqi propaganda would be to invite the victims of Saddam's regime to have their say.

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