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Monday, March 17, 2003

Since it seems likely that the war is going to start tonight, and since I believe that Israel will be attacked by scuds, the Ribbitzen and I have spent much of the morning continuing our efforts to seal our protected area. It is a very time-consuming business, consisting of sticking endless lines of plastic tape on the large windows in our back room. (We used to think that it was really great that our pond was so well illuminated by natural sunlight; now we know the real meaning of window-pain.)

During the first Gulf War I was a flipper-loose young frog with no tadpoles and no real sense of danger and responsibility. I remember driving one night from Gush Etzion through Bethlehem to Jerusalem to buy pizza on King George Street. When we got there, we parked the car on King George - this is right in the centre of Jerusalem - and crossed to the pizza shop. The owner was about to close up for the evening because there were no customers, and gave us all pizza for nothing. This time I suspect it's going to be less of a game.

FROM THE MIDRASH: God said to the Americans: By your lives, I gave you weapons of fire and weapons of sulphur, and I made you rulers of all the earth, and I brought you victory against your enemies on Purim, and you did not bring me my vengeance against Babylon. Behold, I shall bring you to war upon Purim, and you shall not find peace until I have been avenged of Babylon. [Tractate Shekarim]

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