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Monday, March 10, 2003

If you don't believe me, just look at this report from the NY times (registration perhaps required):

As early as 1988, Iraq subsequently admitted to the United Nations, it had experimented on converting short-range "Frog" rockets with a cluster warhead using aluminum shells and some components from another rocket, the Ababil 50. However, Iraq said that it had done nothing but produce drawings and that no prototypes were built.

When the evidence of those programs from Haidar Farm was analyzed in 1997, intelligence agencies supporting the United Nations weapons inspectors said materials found there included "all the necessary files and specifications to build" an unconventional, probably chemical, warhead for the Frogs.

Photographs, used by an American official to buttress the administration's position on Iraq, were said by the official to depict the newly discovered munitions.

They show a large, cylindrical body of roughly the same size as a conventional Frog missile, with a series of round cluster munitions, about the size of soccer balls or basketballs, set into cavities in the rocket. The official who did not say how the photographs were obtained

Why, that Saddam really knows no limits, enslaving frogs to do his dirty work!

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