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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

The war in Iraq may well be the most important historical event in recent years, given the scale of the military operation and the geo-political significance of its build-up and its outcome. But after several days of intense channel-hopping, close scrutiny of the journalists' reports from several continents in several languages, the constant bombardment of information and images, the excitement, the pain, the doubts, I'm tired. Tomorrow I have a long day's work ahead of me and though it's only 10.10 pm I'm turning in for the night with a good book. OK, I admit, before heading off to work tomorrow I'll probably check out Al-Jazeera and print off something to read on the journey. But world events can (un)happily unfold without my constant observation. It's time to find some peace in my own little four cubit-hole.

Good night.

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