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Friday, March 07, 2003

Al-Ayyam, the official mouthpiece of the Palestine National Authority (if the word "mouth" accurately describes the orifice employed to produce this particular organ* of the PNA), has been hacked. Trying to reach it at its regular address, http://www.alayyam.com/, I found myself redirected to a Netguide site on sex. Methinks the wags** have been at work again!

[*For this meaning of organ, see The Oxford English Dictionary (Second edition, Oxford, 1989), s.v. organ, III 7 c: "An instrument, means, or medium of communication, or of expression of opinion; spec. applied to a newspaper or journal which serves as the mouthpiece of a particular party, denomination, cause, movement, or pursuit". I append this note lest I be accused of promulgating crudities.

**For this meaning of wag, see The Oxford English Dictionary (Second edition, Oxford, 1989), s.v. wag n.2, 1., A mischievous boy (often as a mother's term of endearment to a baby boy); in wider application, a youth, young man, a ‘fellow’, ‘chap’. 2. ‘Any one ludicrously mischievous; a merry droll’ (J.); a habitual joker. (In early use often combined with sense 1.) Phrase, to play the wag. ]

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