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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about this Iraqi crisis has been the endless periods of waiting. I find myself surfing through the web in various languages hunting for any information I can find. (Did you know that out of 36578 votes on Al-Jazeera's web-site, 44.8% believe that the Americans will manage to bring about Saddam's fall, 48.9% don't and the other 6.3% don't know; I voted "yes" just for the fun of it.) Of course, it's rather pointless, but there is something very stressful about not being able to do anything.


Al-jazeera is reporting that France says the world opposes Bush's warning to the Iraqi president Saddam Hussein regarding/describing it as opposed to the will of UN. At this stage, who the hell cares what France says?

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