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Friday, March 21, 2003

Israeli army radio is reporting that Ya'akov Amidor, the former head of Israeli Military Intelligence, believes that the Saddam who appeared on Iraqi television yesterday morning is indeed the real Saddam, and not a double. I'm not sure how Amidor is so certain, and it's also worth noting that Israel is blessed with dozens of former heads of Military Intelligence who seem to be making a rather good living off providing learned commentary to the press here, even though they no longer have access to the kind of accurate, up-to-date information that allowed them to once make such statements with some backing.

My own feeling is that the Saddam who appeared yesterday morning was in fact a double, but the clever trick was that the double was the real Saddam all the time, while Saddam was just an actor.

Incidentally, nobody seems to have noticed that Saddam's lovely sons also seem to have vanished. Perhaps they're off somewhere enjoying a good whiskey and smoking long cigars (courtesty of Bill Clinton, say no mawr).

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