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Sunday, March 23, 2003

Frog has finally returned home after a long day's work in the pond. Travelling home this evening across the country, the roads were remarkably empty, as was the public transport. People seem to be avoiding unnecessary journeys, preferring to stay at home where possible. Most people can be seen carrying out their gas masks in their cardboard boxes.

At work, I had the chance to speak to people who had grown up in Iraq. Although they are certain that it was indeed Saddam who appeared, they are very sceptical about everything that the Iraqis say. Moreover, they are totally convinced that there is no chance of democracy in Iraq.

I also learned from them that the Iraqis refer to the airstrips H1 and H2 by their English names (i.e. aich-one, aich-two, not aich-wahed, aich thnen), because they were established under the British rule in Iraq and retained their original names.

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