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Monday, March 31, 2003

I was walking to work this evening and thought it might be interesting to listen to some of the Arabic radio stations and hear what is being said about the war in Iraq. I eventually found a very interesting station that I thought might be Syrian. It was certainly broadcasting anti-war propaganda, including an interview with a man named Chalabi who was the head of some institute in London, who claimed that the entire war was instigated by the Zionists in Washington for their benefit. The suggestion went unchallenged from the interviewer.

So far so good; all standard stuff for the Arabic media. But wait a minute... this anti-Zionist channel turned out to be none other that the BBC's Arabic service, broadcast on 640 medium wave!

In case you've forgotten, the BBC is funded by the British goverment, and according to its charter, it is required to provid honest and accurate news reporting. In case you think that this was a single incident, I subsequently heard another story about Palestinian children suffering in the occupied territories (no mention of Jewish children killed by Palestinian terrorists).

Of course I expect this kind of reporting from the Arabic media - but this was not the Arabic media, this was the supposedly open and honest BBC. It seems that the BBC's Arabic service requires close monitoring to check that it doesn't breach the BBC's charter.

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