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Thursday, March 20, 2003

Today's web-edition of Babil, the popular (?) Iraqi newspaper owned by Uday Saddam Hussein, appears to be unavailable. The web-site is still displaying Wednesday's edition. I hope that later today Mr. Hussein will find time to provide us with the Iraqi perspective on events.

In the meantime, Al-Jazeera seems to be lagging behind the western news networks in reporting the Iraqi crisis. The most interesting thing appearing on their site is the poll I reported on several days ago. The question asked was "Do you think that the Americans will succeed in bringing down Saddam Hussein's regime?" As of this moment, of the 94768 respondents, 43% have answered "yes", 50.6 "no", and 6.4 have responded "don't know". To me, this seems like a gross underestimation of America's military power and determination and a gross exaggeration of Saddam's stability. However, these proportions have remained more or less stable throughout the last few days as more readers have added their votes.

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