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Thursday, February 27, 2003

The leading story on the Arabic news-site Aljazeera is the impending war on Iraq. For once, the Israeli-Arab conflict is taking a back seat. All four of the top stories deal with the issue; you have to hunt for a reference to the new Israeli government, which in other circumstances would have been the centre of attention.

The leading story on Bush's speech was quite fairly reported. Similarly, the site yesterday carried a story about the meeting of the Iraqi opposition groups in Arbel (also known as Arbil or Arwil; it all depends upon which language you speak, Arabic, Aramaic or Kurdish; more on that another time), which fairly represented the different parties. Don't forget that Aljazeera was published in the Gulf, and the Gulf states have not forgotten what Saddam did to Kuwait. They'd be absolutely delighted to see him go, provided that Iraq gets a genuinely local regime afterwards.

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