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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

I have finally realised why Africa is so poor. It's got nothing to do with the environment or natural resources or the traditional society or lack of education or western exploitation or whatever. It's because systematically, over the years, African army generals, deputy Prime Ministers, opposition leaders' wives etc. etc. have been secretly stashing away millions - neh, billions - of dollars in secret bank accounts. I know this because this Frog has personally been privy to this incredible information, and has uniquely been offered a humble portion of this accumulated fortune. Now owing to my own high moral standards, I have personally declined to partake any share of these ill-gotten gains. But just imagine how Africa could be transformed if these secret bank accounts were only to be made available for redevelopment and renewal. So to Mrs. Numbugo and all those others who have written to me I say: return the money now! Make a clean slate of things! As King Solomon wrote, íçåøé áæåòå äãåî! Repent and you shall be forgiven!

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