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Thursday, January 09, 2003

It seems that tonight's press conference will be crucial for Ariel Sharon to save his candidacy and to present to the public his side of scandal that is threatening to bring him down. It will then be up to the public to see whether they believe him. However, Yossi Sarid is being wholly disingenuous when he states that Rabin did not hide behind his wife during the scandal that brought and end to his first stint as Prime Minister. In fact, it was only when Rabin was informed that he would indicted if he did not resign (the implication being that he would not be indicted if he took the quiet way out) that he finally stepped down. Journalist Dan Margalit, who exposed the Rabin scandal, has written on several occasions about the myth of Rabin's "righteous behaviour" at that time. Now Sarid has revived this myth of the Righteous Sinner to attack Sharon. It's just another pathetic attempt to re-write history.

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