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Friday, January 10, 2003

This morning's Al-Ayyam (Arafat's official mouthpiece in Ramallah) naturally contains a delighted report on Sharon's problems. The second top story on the website bears the headline:
(1st line Small letters:) The Election Committee Stops the Broadcast of his "Propagandist" Press Conference
(2nd line Large letters:) Sharon Beseiged by Scandal: They Are Disgraceful Lies and I Really Don't Know How My Son Covered the Value of the Loan".

The article itself claims to be from an AFP report, but since the French-language search engines are not as powerful as the English-language ones I have not yet managed to track down the original report and compare them.

However, even the headline is somewhat amusing. After all, Arafat and his cronies are amongst the most corrupt leaders in the world, they haven't held an election in years, and nobody would dare cut off Arafat because he'd have them killed.


In the meantime, Mitznah continues with his embarrassing charade in which he pretends that he is going to be Israels next PM (it seems more likely that Tommy Lapid will be!), aided and abetted by British PM's "Lionel" Blair and the Ha'aretz Newspaper. Look at these classic quotations, taken Mitznah's propaganda sheet, Ha'aretz:

"We discussed ways to end the conflict and agreed on the need to renew negotiations at the same time as fighting terror," Mitzna said. "We need to try again to reach an agreement."

Mitzna added that he 'understands' Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's decision to bar a Palestinian delegation from attending a London conference on PA reforms. Mitzna presented the U.K. premier with his ideas on separation from the Palestinians and the struggle against terror. He also requested that the arms embargo on Israel be lifted. Blair said he would look into the issue.

Yes, that's right, Lionel and Amram are going to be walking hand in hand down the Embankment, taking a swift jaunt from Westminster to St Pauls while each compliments the other about how terribly right they are. Why, Lionel even offered Amram that he'll provide ejector seats for him and his future Labour government, just in case they need them.

Meanwhile, Britain is annoyed at Israel for preventing the Palestinian delegation from reaching London for the so-called reform conference:

Diplomatic sources in London told Haaretz that Blair is furious over Sharon's decision and considers it "a slap in the face."

Whereas the British government's behaviour, such as sending an ambassador who makes rude comments about the country, or refusing to meet with the democratically elected government's Foreign Minister while meeting with an unelected Prime-Ministerial candidate in the middle of an election campaign, is regarded in Israel as a compliment.

They said Sharon had reservations about the conference from the moment he heard of it and they believe he was looking for any excuse to torpedo it. "But en route he left Blair with egg on his face and this could take a heavy toll on ties between the two countries," one source said.

Oh how sorry I feel for eggy-faced Blair, especially after he dealt with the Israeli election campaign so even-handedly.

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