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Sunday, January 12, 2003

If the learned judge wanted to demonstrate that he is divorced from the normal modes of public behaviour he could not have done a better job. Reading his words in the Israeli press this morning (and listening to further statements by him mentioned on the radio), it is clear that Cheshin regards himself as the very embodiment of the law. "I do not have to justify myself to anybody" he was cited as saying this morning by radio news.

As I have said, it is possible that from a legal perspective, Cheshin was correct in his decision to cease the live broadcast of the press conference, even if it was not wise. His defensive behaviour last night was less acceptable in a democracy. If he is there to uphold the law, let him uphold it equally.

You only had to turn on the radio or television over the past few weeks to hear a ceaseless diatribe of election propaganda from Labour party politicians. Such propaganda was broadcast both before and after Sharon's speech by Yuli Tamir and Avraham Burg. However, since the learned judge, by his own admission in this morning's Ma'ariv, rarely turns on the television in his chambers, he has perhaps missed a great deal of what is being broadcast. Perhaps he should watch Channel One's Erev Hadash on a more regular basis. Or perhaps such Labour propaganda has become so regular that he cannot distinguish it from balanced reporting.

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