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Monday, January 20, 2003

This weekend's Jerusalem Pest print edition contained a lengthy and interesting article on the so-called academic boycott against Israeli. It makes for interesting but frustrating reading. I hope it will soon be posted on the web edition.

The most encouraging aspect of the report is the large number of academics in both Britain and France (the centres of the boycott campaign) who have come out against the boycott. Moreover, from what I have seen the the number of application forms sent to academics for foreign funding has not decreased, though of course it will take some time to see whether the number of successful applications has diminished. Ironically, if any country is creating problems for academic cooperation, it is the USA, which is places restrictions on visas for people born in Muslim countries. In spite of the its image as the Ashkenazi elite, many people Israel's academic community (particularly those over the age of 55) were born in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt etc. Now these people find they can't get visas to go to conferences!

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