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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

He's just been working. Thank you to those few people who actually noticed.

Regarding the impending war in Iraq, look at this marvellous report on Kofi Anan. What can be the matter with that man? He has failed to deliver the goods on every count, and has tried to protect Saddam Hussein at every juncture. I'm surprised that the Americans haven't arranged a mysterious accident for him.


In spite of Sharon's little problems with the Likud corruption scandal, I still stand by my prediction that he is going to trounce Mitznah. Mitznah's message might be attractive to the few idealists still left in Israel, but I think that few people are going to be willing to take the gamble again. Until the Palestinian side can demonstrate that the Olso process was anything more than part of the infamous "staged plan", I can't see Israel voting for a left-wing government. However, I believe that if the Palestinian leadership were to suddenly change and become peace loving, Sharon would not be re-elected.

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