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Friday, November 08, 2002

Nicolai Panke, a German working for the International Committee of the Red Cross in Gaza, was kidnapped yesterday by four armed Palestinians outside the Red Cross office in Khan Younis.

Panke was subsequently released in the evening without any real explanation. The BBC states that "Palestinian security sources identified at least some of the gunmen as disgruntled former policemen", while the Jerusalem Pest reports "PA security officials said the kidnappers were former police officers who had been fired and wanted to use their hostage to get their jobs back. About two months ago, the same group abducted three Italians who were in the Gaza Strip to express solidarity with the Palestinians, the security officials said. The Italians were also released unharmed."

Since when has kidnapping been the normal response to works disputes? Whatever happened to suing for unfair dismissal? Maybe next time I'm annoyed at my employers I'll kidnap a few Red Cross workers and see what reaction I get.

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