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Wednesday, November 06, 2002

It didn't take long for the predictable Palestinian reaction to appear. Today's Al-Ayyam reports Nabil abu Rudeina as saying "This is a clear indication of the failure of this aggressive government's policies [or of this government's aggressive policies] in achieving security, stability and peace in the region".

Abu-Rudeina, of course, hasn't had to face electins since 1996, and those elections were fixed, so he's a fine one to tell us about failed governments and the democratic process. You will notice what a great job Arafat's leadership has done in bringing about security, stability and peace in the region, and how popular his government has been of late.

When Sharon wins the election with a huge majority (which I suspect he will) then Abu Rudeina and his friends will have to think again.


This morning's classic line from the BBC:

Labor is still suffering because of the failure of its last government to clinch a peace deal with the Palestinians.

No, Labor (since when do the British spell the word that way?) is still suffering because it's last prime-minister caved in to Palestinian aggression, tried to negotiate the final borders of Israel after he had resigned, didn't keep a single one of the election promises with the exception of withdrawing from Lebanon (and that game is not over yet) and because it arrogantly continues to claim that the Oslo process was a well-considered move.

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