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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

The Jerusalem Pest reports today

EU's Middle East envoy, Miguel Angel Moratinos will Tuesday attend the 2 p.m. funeral of Revital Ohayoun and her two sons, Matan and Noam, according to a statement by Moratinos personal assistant.

Moratinos will lay a wreath on their burial plots on behalf of the European Union.

The three victims of Sunday's Kibbutz Metzer terrorist infiltration will be laid to rest at the Tzur Shalom cemetery in Kiryat Bialik.

I am not a member of the bereaved family, and cannot speak on their behalf. But as a citizen of Israel and the EU, I say "no thankyou". We don't need your sympathy. We need action:

* The immediate declaration of the Fatah as a terrorist organisation.

*The freezing of all funds provided to terrorist organisations that target children.

* The arrest of all members of the Fatah and their investigation in terrorist activity.

* The establishment of a European War-Crimes Commission to investigate the deliberate targeting of children by Fatah factions.

* The establishment of a committee of enquiry to determine whether EU funds went towards financing Fatah war crimes.

Without such actions, Mr. Moratinos's sympathies are worthless.

For more campaign information, see Save the Children.

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