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Tuesday, November 05, 2002

My feelings this morning are the usual mixture and anger, frustration and determination.


Al-Ayyam reports at length about the car that exploded yesterday in Nablus. The opening line tells all:

Residents spend more than two hours yesterday gathering body parts of two martyrs in the latest assassination operation carried out by the occupation forces in the town of Nablus yesterday.

The article goes on to describe how their body parts became entangled with the metal parts of the car (these articles always include very gory details), and, of course, other crimes by the occupation forces, such as the destruction of metal workshop and the shop of a medicine importer. Naturally, the occupation forces prevented ambulances from reaching the scene of the crime.

Don’t be surprised if you hear soon about the Nablus War Crimes Commission; after all, the official Palestinian version has now been published, and it’s pretty bad. Remarkably, it reflects all the charges made by Amnesty about Jenin.

No mention of yesterday’s bombing in Kfar Sava, though.


The BBC reports this morning on Sharon’s survival, pointing out that

Opposition parties failed to muster enough support from Knesset (parliament) members after the ultra-nationalist National Union-Yisrael Beitenu Party abstained from voting.

I don’t notice any mention of the fact that the no-confidence motions were supported by the ultra-nationalist Arab parties, or that what Shas left Rabin’s government it only survived through their support.

Later in the article, we read:

The Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has warned that the two-year-old Palestinian intifada (uprising) could worsen if the Israeli Government becomes more right-wing.

How exactly is it going to worsen? Things might worsen for Arafat himself, because the government might decide to bump him off, but considering the security forces here are speaking of dozens of attempts to carry out terrorist attacks, and that Arafat himself launched this war through his decision of 28th September 2000, it’s hard to understand exactly what he’s threatening.


This is a war of attrition, and it has already been won by Israel. The Palestinians launched an offensive after Camp David and thought that they would destroy Israeli society. They have caused the deaths of hundreds of innocent people, including many of their own, but they have totally failed in their objectives. They have lost American support (and it’s really America that calls the shots these days, in spite of what the BBC may think), their cities lie in ruins, they are suffering from massive poverty, and have not achieved anything that they could not have achieved by a negotiated settlement.

It’s time for the Palestinian leaders to stop reading Ha’aretz and listen to the voice of the people. If they took an Israeli taxi for spoke to the average person in the street, they would find out that Israel is a lot stronger than they think – not militarily, but in terms of morale. The Passover Massacre was a turning point, and Defensive Shield proved that Israel will fight back. We will suffer the calumnies of the UN to protect ourselves and our homes. There is nothing that you can do that will stop us.

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