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Sunday, October 27, 2002

The word hypocrisy took on new depths with the reactions to the ending of the Moscow hostage crisis. The BBC reports:

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat congratulated President Putin on ending the siege and condemned what he said was a "terrorist act which targeted innocent civilians".

In the meantime, Al-Jazeera informs us that Kofi Anan’s spokesman issued a statement in his name that “the taking of hostages could not be justified under any circumstances”.

I guess that’s why Anan was so indignant when Hizbullah forces crossed Israel’s UN-protected border with Lebanon and took three Israeli soldiers hostage (now presumed dead). It may be recalled that Anan and his special envoy, Teri Larsen, denied that the UN had any information relating to that case, until forced to admit that they had lied by overwhelming Israeli evidence to the contrary. Anan has similarly been inactive regarding Elhanan Tannenbaum and Ron Arad.

You can read more idiotic world reactions at the BBC’s Talking Point site, which is always a good source for the opinions of the ignorant. My two favourites are:

Will we ever know how many Chechens were executed in cold blood inside the theatre? Or for that matter, how many hostages died by Stepsnaz bullets? And what the long term effects of the gas used will be? Already there are reports of scores of people seriously ill.
Mir, Canada

That's right, blame the victims, and forgive the murderers. I haven't heard such BS since I read on the BBC the headline "Israeli Soldiers Shoot Palestinian on Bus" (he had come onto the bus wielding a knife and started to stab the passengers until shot by a soldier who was also a passenger).

Another classic:

This just show that the hostage takers weren't really suicidal terrorists, but just guns for hire, otherwise they would have blown the theatre up at the first sign of the troops entering.
Nick, UK

Yeh, they weren't suicide terrorists - they wanted to be able to torture and murder innocent civilians and come out alive. They didn't even have the decency to regard it as a suicide mission, eh? As for the second part, the poison gas and total surprise might have had some influence on their decision not to blow the place up.
"Guns for Hire"? You mean these people were paid for their work? It seems to me that they got a pretty bad deal. If I were a Gun for Hire, I would think very carefully about accepting a job that involves being surrounded by Russian Special Forces in the heart of Moscow. Hardly a wise choice of occupation, if you ask me.

To be fair, most of the comments were condemnatory of the terrorists and supportive of the Russian special forces.

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