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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Reshet Bet has just reported that two girls and one woman were murdered last night by a terrorist in Hermesh.


The news media are reporting this morning that the Israeli government might fall over the budget. Why? Well, the real reason is of course that Labour Party leader Binyamin Ben Eliezer is fighting of Mitznah and has to be seen to be strong and effective. In fact, he just comes across as a clown who has manufactured a crisis. It's not even clear what aspects of the budget he opposes. As Ha'aretz reports this morning:

Labor ministers yesterday were critical of Ben-Eliezer's management of the crisis. One said "there's no solution to the crisis because there's no reason for the crisis. Fuad hanged himself on a tall tree and doesn't know how to cut himself down down."

The Lebanese Arabic-language daily An-Nahar is reporting that the crisis is over funding for settlements - wishful thinking on their part, it seems. The Lebanese newspaper finds it ironic that the coalition crisis has come just as Arafat swears in his own new government. Incidentally, in the same article An-Nahar reports that nobody - not the Hamas, the Jihad, the PFLP, the Israelis or the Americans regard Arafat's new government as representing a satisfactory or significant change. I'm sure that the Europeans, though, will congratulate Arafat heartily upon his brave and serious efforts.

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