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Thursday, September 19, 2002

Channel One of Israel TV has just broadcast an interview with Mazzal Asraf, who was standing next to the man she believes to have been the suicide bomber. Asraf got of the bus one stop before it exploded, and says that she was suspicious of the man because he was dressed in jeans and a closed blazer on a very hot day. According to her, he kept looking around in all directions in a strange way. However, it remains to be seen if this was indeed the bomber, because Asraf was at the back of the bus while the bomber stood by the front door when the bomb exploded.

Another witness stated that he and a friend were standing on a street corner talking when the saw the bus explode. They quickly ran onto the bus to try to help, and were greeted by the most dreadful sights that he tastefully chose not to describe. He suggested that perhaps the driver had been trying to push the bomber off the bus at the time of the explosion.

Unconfirmed rumours say this might have been a woman.

A Palestinian Legislative Council member blamed it all on Sharon and the occupation, of course. His arguments are totally baseless. If Israel were to withdraw from the entire West Bank and Gaza tomorrow, would be be willing to take on the Hamas and Jihad, who have vowed to fight on until Israel is destroyed? We have seen very well what happens each time a ceasefire agreement is reached and Israel withdraws. The Palestinian forces do nothing to prevent terror; they often even participate in it. We're all sick of these justifications for mass-murder.

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