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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Thanks to http://isabellasteddy.blogspot.com/ for being the first blog to unlink me! According to the teddy,

Talking of sacking things....I am sacking Ribbity Frog from my list of reads. The first ever blog I have got rid of from my reads list. Interesting name, not an interesting site. Why? Far too pre-occupied with Middle East politics with a vague leaning towards the pro-Israel camp. ( Too pre-occupied?! Surely in the language of the pro-Israel camp that should be pre-"settled"....)

Oh very droll, Winnie-brain. I am sorry if I'm pre-occupied with Middle East politics, but you see every time I send my tadpoles off to school (in a taxi only, because I'm too frightened to send them by bus) I wonder if they'll be murdered, and every time I go into the city centre I wonder if I'll return in one piece. Just today I went to a local hospital to visit a friend who has just woken up after 28 days and is suffering from severe burns, punctured lungs, and stomach injuries after being blown up in a cafeteria. So pardon me if I have a little more to worry about than were my teddy is. (Apparently, Isabella's teddy is now in Kalamazoo, where, by amazing coincidence, Mrs. Frog, aka the Ribbitzen, comes from. This frog has also been there.) Oh, and just for the record, my leaning is not vaguely towards the pro-Israel camp.

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