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Thursday, September 19, 2002

The supposedly modern Arabic news station is running the story "A few hours after the martyrdom of a child in El-Bire - A Partisan [or Self-Sacrificial] Attack Leaves Tens of Dead and Wounded in Tel Aviv". The picture accompanying the story is the body of the slain Palestinian youth Abd Es-Salam Somer. The next picture down on the site shows an Israeli tank. There is no photograph of the blown-up bus.

The language used is also telling. The child victim is a martyr. The terrorist is a self-sacrificial partisan [fida'i]. The victims of the bomb are just dead.

If you want to respond, then go to the web page http://www.al-jazeera.com/feedback/default.asp. I have deliberately not put a link here because then they can see how you reached it. In the top box with the red star next to it put your name. In the large box towards the lower part of the page post your message. Hit the little grey button-box under the message box to send your response.

It is not for me to tell you what to respond. Just put in whatever you feel suitable for a web-site that supports the murder of innocent civilians.

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