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Thursday, August 29, 2002
Expect a Palestinian execution quite soon. Al-Jazeera has published that a Palestinian agent has confessed his role in the murder of Salah Shehade, the leader of the Izz ad-Din alQasaam brigades. Apparently, the suspect, 27 year old Akram ez-Zatme from Rafah, admitted at a press conference held in the security services' headquarters yesterday that he had passed over information that led to Israel's attack on Gaza that killed Shehade and several civilians. He said that the Israeli officer who recruited him called him several hours before the attack on Shehade and asked for information about Shehade's car when he arrived at his rented flat. Twenty minutes later the attack came. But Zatme focussed on the fact that there were other agents involved in the affair, and said that Israel had penetrated the circle of people who surround Shehade, and that those people would have to be brought to justice because the Secret Service officer [only] asked him to confirm things he already knew. Ez-Zatme then told the details of his recruitment to the security services, and confessed that this happened in August 2000, and that he received around 1000 shekels a month in return to the things demanded from him. He claimed that the agent lived in a settlement in Rafah. Ez-Zatme studies English as one of the Gazan universities, and has been under arrest by the Palestinian Security Services since 28th July.

No mention of this story on Al-Ayyam, the official Palestinian Daily.

"Dans ce pays-ci il est bon de tuer de temps en temps un amiral pour encourager les autres." Voltaire, Candide, ch. 23.

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