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Tuesday, August 27, 2002
Al-Ayyam, the official Palestinian newspaper published in Ramallah, is carrying an article on Ateret Cohanim's establishing a military academy next to Al-Aqsa (actually, next to the "little Western Wall"). Al-Ayyam present this as story as based upon documents intended for Jewish funders that they managed to obtain. However, they need not have gone creeping round the rubbish bins of wealthy American Jews. The same information is freely available at Ateret Cohanim's website. The specific project to which they seem to be referring is the rebuilding of Beit Danon, which is also mentioned on the site. The article contains no new information, but is classic Al-Ayyam reporting: accurate information, which lends credence to the article, is mixed in with irrelevant information such as supposed links between Ateret Cohanim and the Mossad and General Security Services.

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